Kdo necítí bolest, bolestí žije.


EMO Pics

20. února 2010 v 21:52 | B.A.P.
Jak tak sleduju, tak článek o EMO je absolutně nejčtenější článek na mým blogu - kapku jsem vás podcenila, nečekala jsem, že anglickej text bude mít takovej úspěch (i když si stejně tajně myslím, že je to hlavně kvůli obrázkům).
Já EMO nejsem, i když by se mohlo zdát... Jsem na to moc stará, moc tlustá a hlavně ze sebe depkaře dělat nemusim - je to prostě moje diagnóza - jo a taky mám moc krátkou ofinu :) Ale moje duše je EMO úplně stoprocentně - i když trochu jinak než proužkovaně anorekticky...
Jsem jenom něco jako EMO pozorovatel, sleduju tenhle styl od začátku, díky tomu, že jsem napůl žila ve Vídni, měla jsem povědomí o vyhublých pořezaných depkařích daleko dřív než tady v Čechách vůbec něco začlo. Teď mi přijde, že už se EMO moc nenosí, ale v blogovým podhoubí žije dál, o tom svědčí obliba mojí maturitní seminárky :)))
Tak dost keců, tady je pár - z mého pohledu - vkusných EMO Pics, so enjoy...

Emo děti a masakr plyšáků ?!

19. září 2008 v 22:33 | B.A.P.
Nejdřív by asi bylo na místě, dát sem link na dva články, co mi vyrazily dech, uf. Pokud jste pravidelný čtenáři Blesku, asi už o tom nějakej ten měsíc víte, ale já bulvár čtu dost vyjímečně a to eště maskovaná za monitorem :)
No koukněte se, zajímal by mě Váš názor... (To, jak jsem se k článkům dostala, je celkem vedlejší...)

No tak Vám teda nevim... EMO že zabíjí?

9. září 2008 v 17:57 | B.A.P.
Tak jsem se dneska zas po dlouhý době hrabala bulvárem a řeknu Vám, člověk se občas dost baví :)
(Inu, po dlouhý době, naposled jsem tam hledala úlovky včera, no ale vzhledem k tomu, že od pondělka studuju žurnalistiku, musim mít přehled. Celkem dobrá výmluva, he?)
No ale k věci. Nemohla jsem minout obrovský titulek EMO ZABÍJÍ (k zhlédnutí na http://www.super.cz/moc-a-penize/25500-emo-zabiji-muze-hudba-nicit-zivoty.html) a k tomu fotka těch tlam MCR. (Omlouvám se všem fanouškům... Ale vlastně ne, zaslouží si to). No, pochopitelně mě zajímalo, co k tomu zas redaktůrci ze superseriózního.cz nablili...

Emo Project

16. června 2008 v 13:17 | B.A.P.

Why I have decided to write about EMO [i:'məu] or [emo]

Google.com: Results 1 - 10 of about 53,800,000 for EMO. (0.18 seconds)
Well, I have in fact just one reason: I'm afraid of this phenomenon of teens.
EMO is dangerous. EMO spreads like epidemic, here in Czech Republic we are isolated, everything needs about one year, till it comes at least to Prague - including music style, fashion, trends, life style etc… In fact EMO is coming and im afraid, people should be warn in advance, that they know, how to deal with Emos.
EMO is nowadays so giant social phenomenon, about which also older generation (understand = everybody, who is over seventeen) needs to know something.
And second reason is that my sister really desires to be an EMO. Ok, her decision, but I'm also interested - she is my sister.
I suppose, that the biggest wave of Emos is coming soon. I had quite often an opportunity to observe Vienna's Emos. In my eyes it's really boom. Question is, if it is good or not…
Nevertheless EMO is here (or coming soon). Everybody had seen a strange one-eyed existence looking like it's just dying, wearing small black clothes, black eye-makeup and black hair. Maybe he spent some time by thinking about if it is boy or girl.
No, wrong way!
It's Emo and we should get used to it.
I prepared this project as directions for use of Emo. I hope it will be useful.

Dictionary for the Dummies ( = not Emos)

Top place on communication with Emos has the Internet, as I will explain later, they
spent most time in front of screen. So here are few tips for communication with Emos on net:
It is must to be mysterious and different. Is cool to write instead of 'V' just 'W', using Leetspeak (also 1337, written argot used primarily on the Internet) is other sign of real Emo:
OMG = Oh My God
LOL = Laughing Out Loud or Lots Of Laughs
ROFL = Rolling On the Floor Laughing
WTF = What The Fuck?
…And more and more (and more and more four letter words)
Using smiles - careful, just EMO smiles, otherwise it's rather big blunder.
?-* …………………..….. Emo kiss
?-( ………………………. I'm sad. (most favourite)
Teens = teenagers, young people from 11 up to 19 years old
Emo, Emos = people who somehow like EMO style
EMO = everything I am writing about including Emos
Emos spent lot of time on the Internet. Their favourite servers (full of EMO blogs) are:

What is EMO?

That's very very hard question, I spent lot of time searching on the Internet and after hours I'm not able to give you exact definition. Maybe (and probably) it didn't exist.
On online Urban Dictionary (slang dictionary with user's definitions) these days exist about 387 different definitions, but 'emo' is the word that holds the record for the most definitions at urbandictionary.com at 1,181. Some of them I'd like to quote, they're really worth seeing:
  • Number one:
34103 up, 9881 down
Genre of softcore punk music that integrates unenthusiastic melodramatic 17 year olds who dont smile, high pitched overwrought lyrics and inaudible guitar rifts with tight wool sweaters, tighter jeans, itchy scarfs (even in the summer), ripped chucks with favorite bands signature, black square rimmed glasses, and ebony greasy unwashed hair that is required to cover at least 3/5 ths of the face at an angle.
::sniff sniff:: "The Demise of the Siberian Traintracks of Our Rusty Forgotten Unblemished Love" sounds like it would make a great emo band name. ::cry::
  • And my most favourite, number eleven:
1070 up, 548 down
people who need a hug. A BIG, WARM hug.
Cheer up emo kid! :D
EMO should be the shortage for emotional, as many young Emos think. I suppose, it's quite equal to read long discussions about origin of the term 'emo', better to look, how it is in reality.
Yes, EMO style is still tightly connected with music, but nowadays it is getting divided into two different groups, which have nearly nothing in common.
As every style also EMO has two branches: the old and 'real' one and new and young, which makes problems and makes bad name (as real Emos thing). This new is more dangerous, because the 'members' or better 'non-members' are young (sometimes just eleven years old!) teens, who have no sense from all what they are doing and they are in big danger to do something bad.
On grounds, which I have mentioned before, I'd like to write more about this new pseudo Emos, sometimes called 'chicks' (girls).
As the honour for good old Emos, I include to my project also history of EMO.

History of EMO

Although it doesn't seem to be, EMO has it's own history.
EMO's history is connected with the famous music group Rites of Spring.
They first came with the new sound; they gave their music more personal direction, inspired by Husker Du or Embrace.
This hardcore punk band from Washington, D. C. has been established in 1985. Members of Rites of Spring mentioned in Flipside Magazine that some of their fans had started using the term 'emo' to describe their music.
The summer of 1985 soon came to be known in the scene as "Revolution Summer".
Rites of Spring is surely one of the first, and probably the definitive EMO band.
After this unforgettable band came many copies, still holding a level (Yaphet Kotto, I Hate Myself, Saetia, Hot Cross, A Day In Black And White, Funeral Diner, I Would Set Myself On Fire For You, You And I).
But nowadays is EMO group everybody, who looks like Emo, no matter, what he sings. Groups as Taking Back Sunday, Dashboard Confessional, and the thousands of their clones like Senses Fail, My Chemical Romance and 30 Seconds To Mars have nothing in common with EMO music style.


EMO music can be divided into several styles:
  • Screamo (shout!!!)
  • Emocore (melodically hardcore, sometimes with pop influence)
  • Hardcore emo (loud and not to understand - hopefully)
EMO lyrics are mostly depressive, solving personal problems like hopeless love or existation without target. EMO songs are full of despair, suicide, self-harming, disorder in souls. It something what catch teens, they like it in their age, naturally, but in my eyes it can cause big problems.

How to recognize an Emo

white face, black (or dark) hair with front hair over one
eye, black eye lines (also boys),
  • piercing mostly in lips like vampire teeth, sometimes also in nose
  • favourite colour: black, black, black.
  • another allowed colours: red, white, grey, brown, (pink - only for chicks)
  • small T-shirts with names of EMO groups, tight jeans (black!)
  • shoes: Converse All Stars or 'vans'
  • only for EMO girls: black eye shadows, crazy coloured hair, as much belts and wrist bands as possible
And now will come the main part, how to recognize an Emo. Emo can't be fat and happy. Emo must be slim and completely in depressions. Some kind of eating disorder is ideal, when not, vegans are also cool, aren't they?
Another sign of true Emo is self-harming. And that's really something, what makes me afraid. Now is cool, to show your classmates new scars on your wrists. Why? What is wrong?


During creating this project I have recognized few -in my eyes- quite important facts.
First, I realised, that teens all over the world needs help. I don't know truly reasons, but it'sfact. EMO shows it clear: There is a serious problem. It is definitely not normal, that depression (severe psychical illness) is comprehended as a ticket to be the star among other teens.
Second, I'm too old to understand Emos, although I wanted. Maybe it's because I know, how feels the real depression. I don't need (and want) to play it.
But I still don't know, if EMO inspire self-harming and eating disorders or not. Definitely it is not healthy to be an Emo. Not mentally and not physically.
Children and young people can do so many nice and useful things, so why they are disgusted from their life?
Quotation to finish my work I have found everywhere on the Internet, Americans writes to their children:

"Cheer Up emo-kid"


comprehend = understand
blunder = embarrassed situation
target = aim, object
severe = serious
honour = glory